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We are engaged in manufacturing, researching, supplying and developing of mullite-cordierite series of refractory products.

We have a rich experience of technological team. Committed to high quality standards for all its products and services.

We are striving to provide customers with comprehensive, most suitable energy-saving solutions.

Product Advantage

Imported the advanced technology and equipment from Europe which with mature experience and high quality level, combined with the raw material blending method developed by our R&D Department, a set of high-level kiln furniture production process and quality standards to meet market demand.

Product Usage

Our products are widely used in tableware,sanitary ware,building ceramics,technical ceramics, high-voltage electrical ceramics, tile industry, powder sintering, magnetic materials, Lithium iron phosphate in new energy and ternary cathode materials.

Why Choose FIRLLER

Quality Control

We control the quality from the  beginning by the mean of setting the raw material inspection  with our suppliers.

Reasonable Price

We are targeting on a long term business cooperation with all the customers . Competitive price will offer as a support.

Experts in Refractory

We can evaluate possible refractory solutions for your specific application rapidly and expertly.

Timely Delivery

Holding ourselves to high standards when it comes to delivery on time.

OEM Available

We support any form of OEM customization requirements.

Global Support

Contact us to solve all your after-sales problems.

Factory Environment

Drying Area

Raw Material Workshop

Firing Area

Pressing Area

Two Tunnel Kilns